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Fixed odds trading

Having read the previous page I hope that I haven’t put you off fixed odds financial betting for your trading, as it has many benefits over other forms of betting in the financial markets. As with $inary bettingixed odds provides a low risk way of entering the market, and indeed is a good way to learn, as trades are placed in cash with no margin or leverage to magnify losses or profits, and is therefore a good training ground. However, my concern is the way the bets are presented, along with those that are simply fun, which I believe sends out all the wrong signals for trading, which is a serious business. So what types of bets are available for fixed odds $inancial trading how do they work in practice?  In general these are very similar to those for binary betting, and are detailed below as follows:

  • The one touch fixed odds bet – this bet wins if the target price set for the period of the bet is achieved. You set the price you want, and naturally the closer the price to the current market, then the lower your return since the probability is much higher that the price will be achieved before expiry.
  • The bull/bear bet – a simple long or short bet which wins if the market closes above a certain level on expiry of the contract
  • The barrier range bet – a bet that wins if the market trades sideways until expiry and fails to touch either the upper or lower level of a pre-defined price. In this type of bet we are looking for markets which are consolidating sideways with little volatility.
  • The double touch bet – a bet that wins if both prices defined above and below the market price are touched before expiry of the bet. With this type of bet we are looking for the opposite of the barrier range bet – here we want market volatility in order to touch both prices during the course of the contract
  • The no touch bet – a bet that wins if the market fails to reach a certain price before the contract expires.

Now as outlined on the previous page there are many other types of bets, but these I’m afraid I consider to be gambling, short and simple. So what companies are available for fixed odds financial betting at the moment? The answer is very few!

Fixed Odds Financial Betting Companies

Betonmarkets – there is really only one company operating as a true fixed odds betting company at present for financial betting, and that’s Betonmarkets. The company is owned by operated by Regent Markets Group with offices in Malta, the Isle of Man and Costa Rica, having been in business since 1999. Regent markets group is partly owned by Regent Pacific Group Limited. The company offers bets across a wide range of markets including forex, commodities, UK shares, UK stocks and indices. In addition they have recently added a spread betting platform to their product range.